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Cold Pressed Juice

The 5 Biggest Wellness Trends for 2017

Food January 10, 2017
A new year is (almost) upon us and with it, a new opportunity to put your health at the forefront. We’re here to offer up a little inspiration with five wellness trends that are going to top the healthy living ladder in the year ahead. Try one, try them all – whatever you do, we […]

Healthy Holiday Happy Hour Favorites

News December 14, 2016
‘Tis the season to eat, drink and be merry but it doesn’t mean we have to leave all our healthy habits behind until the New Year. We’ve found 5 simple, healthier cocktails that will keep everyone at your holiday happy hour merry and bright…and feeling their best!   This boozy skinny hot chocolate from Fit […]
Mom and child reading by the fire

How to Keep a Healthy Winter Home

Health November 30, 2016
It’s that time of year when temperatures drop and windows and doors close out the cold air for the season while we warm up inside. But keeping the outdoors out for too long can lead to lots of potential health issues indoors so it’s especially important to keep your home healthy during the cool winter […]
Friends having dinner

Hard Pill To Swallow – Why You Shouldn’t Take Vitamins on an Empty Stomach

Health November 15, 2016
We know that taking medication on an empty stomach is often a bad idea, thanks to the warning labels that heed us to proceed with caution…and a full belly. But did you know that vitamins and supplements can often come with the same unsettling side effect? Multivitamin labels often advise – albeit in more subtle […]

10 Facts You Need to Know About Turmeric

Food November 5, 2016
It may seem odd to call a supplement “trendy” but turmeric is definitely having a moment right now, and we can certainly see why. This powerful powder-like spice has become a favorite among health and wellness advocates around the world and we’re here to tell you more. Here are 10 facts to know about everyone’s […]
Halloween Stuffed Bell Peppers

5 Healthy Halloween Treats – No Tricks Included!

Food October 20, 2016
We are just weeks away from Halloween and since we know there are lots of sugar-filled days (and nights!) on your horizon, we thought we’d share some of our favorite healthy Halloween treats now so you can sneak some in in the meantime. Perfect for parties, after-school snacks or just a fun seasonal treat, we […]
Healthy Living

5 Healthy Living Bloggers We Love

News September 27, 2016
Sometimes staring at a screen can be good for you, if you’re looking for inspiration on health, wellness and fitness in the right places. Here are five healthy living bloggers we’ve got bookmarked at Sagely HQ that we think you’ll love: For the soon-to-be healthy mom: Dana of With D inspires women to keep fit […]
Nutritional Fruits

5 Signs of Nutritional Deficiencies – And How to Combat Them!

Health September 15, 2016
We all know that a healthy, balanced diet is key to a nutritionally sound life, but sometimes, despite our best efforts in the kitchen, our busy lives can take a beating when it comes to the nutrients our bodies need. Here are five signs (that you might be missing!) that you may need to re-evaluate […]
Spring Clean Your Medicine Cabinet

Why You Need to Spring Clean Your Medicine Cabinet!

Health April 26, 2016
Got Drugs? April 30th is National Take Back Day, a day to bring awareness to proper disposal of prescription medications. Did you know… “2.8 million pounds of prescription medications go unused by US Consumers.” ~King Pharmaceuticals, Inc Prescription drugs can be lifesavers for many people with medical conditions. But, there often comes a time when […]
Luxury Hotel Perks

5 Unique Hotel Perks That Promote Wellness

Travel March 9, 2016
A standard hotel booking normally means you get a clean, simple place to rest your head while travelling out of town or on vacation. It may include extras like a 24-hour gym, vending machines, and complimentary breakfasts. But some hotels are getting creative and taking their perks a step further. Often way further. In a […]
Brain Exercise Mind

Why You Should Be Exercising Your Brain

Health March 2, 2016
We are regularly bombarded with reminders about exercising our bodies for good health. But did you know that the brain benefits from exercise too? It’s known as “brain fitness” and you don’t have to step foot into a gym to do it! Brain fitness uses mental challenges, such as puzzles and brain teasers, to promote […]
Woman with Resistance Band

Top 5 Benefits of Adding Resistance Bands to Your Workouts

Health February 24, 2016
If you’ve never tried using resistance bands, it is well worth your while to learn how you can incorporate them into your workouts. Resistance bands are fairly simple, but can seriously help to challenge your body in new ways and help you reach your fitness goals. They are basic rubber bands made in varying degrees […]


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