Sagely XL 3 Day Travel Pack


The Sagely 3 Day Travel Pack was designed for those on the go! Consisting of 3 individual pods (Friday, Saturday & Sunday) and Sagely’s Weekend Travel Pouch, this pack is perfect for a quick weekend getaway.



Design & Features

The Pods

The Sagely 3 Day Travel Pack consists of three pods (Friday, Saturday, & Sunday) making it perfect for a weekend getaway! Each of the pod’s individual compartments can hold up to 10 Fish Oil Supplements

High-quality, Durable Material

Made with EXTRA thick Nylon. Our travel pouch will not only be durable but is also water resistant-offering protection from the external environment.

Made for Travel

This compact, easy to carry pack can be tossed in your purse, backpack or luggage - making it idea for daily use or travel.

Protect your pills

Simplify your traveling by keeping your medications together and protecting them from everything else.

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