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Welcome to Sagely!

Sagely is the realization of a dream that began well over two years ago…

We had been helping our own parents and grandparents with managing their medications, and we found the experience constantly challenging because of the way typical drugstore pill boxes are made:

  • Tiny compartments that barely fit more than a few small pills and barely any large ones
  • Plastic lids that are tough to open, especially for people with arthritis and other manual dexterity issues
  • Made of cheap, cloudy materials that break easily
  • Inaccurate loading and pills dropping on the floor only to find them days later (this really happened to us – many times!)
  • Ugly design that gets hidden away and forgotten about

We tried various models and actually came to expect these frustrations, but after assisting a grandparent with the counting of over 30 pills and vitamins a day, we had to ask ourselves – why is this ok? For many people, the pill box holds medications that are a matter of life and death, so shouldn’t such a crucial tool be more reliable?

We decided it was time for a change.

We designed the Sagely Smart Weekly Pill Organizer to be both useful AND positive. Taking your pills and vitamins should be a pleasant experience – it should make you feel good about improving your wellbeing rather than make you feel “sick.” With its beautiful design, large containers, clear materials, spacious surface area on the lids, and the ability to push pills through to the container after counting them out, the Sagely Smart Weekly Pill Organizer is determined to be the exact opposite of the drugstore pill box (yes, our inanimate Smart Weekly Pill Organizer has a tenacious personality).

We also wanted to factor in accountability, by giving the user the opportunity to continually verify that all of their pills are accounted for. This is why we also created the Sagely App, an easy-to-use way to program and be reminded of when it’s time to take your medications. At our core, Sagely has committed to using simplicity and design to take some of the burden out of managing wellness.

And today is the official launch of our website – we couldn’t be more excited!

We’ll be using the space in our blog to highlight everything happening with us, as well as to share valuable information and tips that support our mission:

Wellbeing Made Simple.

It’s not just a tagline after all, it’s a philosophy!

Our Smart Weekly Pill Organizer is days away from being shipped and the Sagely App will be available for FREE download in the coming weeks for Apple and Android devices.

Be sure to add us on social media for real time updates on our products, promotions, and news! “Like” us on Facebookfollow us on twitterand stay tuned as we roll out more channels in the coming days.

There’s so much happening that we can’t wait to share with you. Sign up for our email list to be among the first in the world to experience the Sagely difference. Simply go to our homepage and click “Notify Me” – we’ll take it from there!

Thank you,

Team Sagely

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