Calligraphical Review

For my needs, this is a brilliant solution. I paid full price for but I’m finding it worth every penny. (This is not a solicited review.) So here’s the scoop.

Until now, every pill sorter I’ve owned has ended up with my carefully sorted medications spilled all over the place. It’s always the same flaws – (1) milky plastic hiding the contents (2) plastic hinges that quickly tear (3) “easy open” buttons that fail (4) click-tabs to lock the compartments get worn away (5) labeling that only makes sense if you never turn the organizer around.

Sagely has eliminated all of those problems and gone even further.(1) They use heavy duty clear acrylic for the compartments – you can actually see your pills (2) Soft silicone lids are designed with slits to allow you to push pills through without opening lids. (3) When it’s time to take you meds, opening each container is no harder than popping open your Tupperware. (4) The compartments are a size that if you need more room you’d have to use dinnerware. (5) There is no way that all your carefully sorted pills will end up scattered on the floor. (6) The magnets and tray keep it all nice and tidy. (7) Add to that, great colors and labeling that let you keep track daily.

For people who take pills more three times during the day, this may not be an ideal solution. On the other hand, I think it’s worth keeping an eye out for more products in the future. This company has successfully re-engineered an item that frustrates millions of people every day.

Calligraphical, Amazon